Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Friday: Sky High

I didn't actually participate in this weeks competition. The only photo I could think of using was one I already had of Masi and I'm trying to not always submit photos of my dogs now, but I thought maybe you all would enjoy seeing it anyways!

If I had thought of it I should have brought my camera to the concert I went to on Wednesday. It was the Slightly Stoopid show with Cypress Hill and Collie Buddz, and the tour was called Legalize it 2010. What do you think they meant? In any case, the crowd, the majority at least, high. If you breathed deep enough you'd probably have been as well. The most memorable parts about the crowd, besides the plums of smoke surrounding us, was this incredibly intoxicated, glistening, overweight man who nearly took out our entire row and this stoner in front of me who I nearly backhanded for trying to untie a girls dress as she walked by him. I'm thinking box seats next time. 

Allow me to get back to the point of this post - the photo challenge. The photo I wanted to submit is one I've had around for a couple years. I call it, Stoner'll see why in a minute....

I get a giggle whenever I see this photo. 

We're only a couple weeks away from my bridal portraits with Chrissy. I'm really looking forward to the experience, it will be a lot of fun. Other than that, I'll keep posting my weekly Photo Fridays!

As always, thanks for reading!
Liz DiNatale

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo Friday: Summer Fun

I had the perfect opportunity to capture some real summertime fun for this challenge. And yes, I actually did it! My friend Kate and I visiting my S-Mom at my parent's beach house on the weekend of July 10th and it proved to be the perfect setting for some summertime fun!

It was a spectacular weekend of gabbing, food, drinking and more gabbing. We did some very important research for the upcoming bachelorete weekend. I also managed to make pretty good headway on my terrible bike tanlines, Yay!

But I digress. For this Photo Friday submission, I thought a picture of something pertaining to the beach would be perfect! What is the first thing you think of when you think of the summer? The Beach! Thus, I came up with my submission...

Carolina Beach was never my favorite beach (that would be Oak Island) but it is certainly growing on me. There is so much more to do there than one originally realizes. So much history! Besides the Fort that's just down the road, you have old time staples like Britt's Donut's that's been there since the 30's! We discovered a very tasty Mexican restaurant on the boardwalk too! I still think that the shining beacon of fun would have to be the Fat Pelican. I love that place. I'd stay there forever if they only served food. ::sigh::  The one thing Carolina Beach is lacking as far as I can tell is an excellent hole in the wall seafood place. So for that, we took the ferry over to Southport and ate at Fishy Fishy. Terrible name...awesome food! Mmmm....ok now I want to go back.

Ah the summer sure is fun...but I'll be honest. I really miss Spring and Fall.

Thanks for reading!

-Liz DiNatale

Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo Friday: Bloom

Yay! I can take a picture of any bloomin' thing! Blooming Cantaloupe, Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Daisies um...pretty tree thing that's blooming (I still have no idea what it's called) - so many options! And I wasn't lazy this time! I faced the heat and snapped a few bloomin' photos! *pats self on back*

I really should have been taking photos all spring and summer long. I've had all sorts of random things blooming. 

What's your favorite bloom? Mine would definitely have to be Bleeding Hearts. There is something so beautifully sad and dramatic about them. The plant is so picky, but the blossoms are so worth it. After Bleeding Hearts, I'd say Magnolia tree blossoms because they smell so incredible. That was one of my favorite times at NC State - when the Magnolia trees would blossom. They are all over campus, and they are HUGE. But lucky for me and my shortness, they have low hanging branches, so I could pick a blossom and carry is with me for the day. I remember one day I came home with a blossom and shoved it in Steven's face and said "Here, smell! Yummy!" at which point he began sneezing...allergies...forgot about those...whoops. 

Back to the point at hand. So I'm walking around my sweltering back yard yesterday, taking photos of the bloomin' things. Those consist of the Cantaloupe, Squash, Cucumbers, Daisies and the blooming tree thing. This year we replaced the random lava rock stone thing behind the house with a Daisy garden. For about 2 months it looks like huge weeds but then it exploded with blossoms and now it's completely taking over that area. Good thing they're annuals. The photo I chose was from the Daisy garden. I was able to sneak a couple photos of a bee in action! I've always wanted one of those shots!

He kinda looks like he's dancing doesn't he. Don't forget to VOTE! Votes are only taken until Sunday! 

Shades of Red news...Unfortunately I won't be doing a photo shoot of my parents this weekend. Communication got lost somewhere and the Army decided to steal my Dad for the weekend. Lame. So unless we book a new client before my bridal portraits (August), you'll have to be satisfied with my ramblings about bees and blossoms and other Photo Friday topics. I hope that's alright, if not, feel free to book a photo shoot. ;-) 

Everyone stay cool in the hot hot hot weather! I'm off to the beach!

Thanks for reading!

-Liz DiNatale

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2nd Photo Friday: Motionless

I skipped last week's post. The Photo Challenge was "Standing out" and I had no clue or motivation. I didn't want to let anyone down two weeks in a row though, so, I made it happen for this Photo Friday challenge. I was still lazy/not motivated so I used a photo I had taken previously. I think it fits the challenge pretty well though!

Here is my Motionless:

As you can see from the photo, Masi is intend on staring at...nothing. There's not anything out there but leaves. But OH, she's gonna get it! When I see this photo, I think of Elmer Fudd "ssshhh, be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits!" I can guarantee you Masi wasn't moving a muscle when I took this photo, she was very motionless, obsession will do that to you.

I need to stop using old photos of my dogs for this challenge. That's just lazy of me. The next challenge word is Blooming! Which is perfect considering I have several blooming things.

Recent news for Shades of Red, we shipped off our photos of the pups! The "Endo-Bendo" package may only say 100 photos, but they definitely got more around 160. Oh well, those pups were just too photogenic I guess. You can check them all out here: Shades of Red Photography - Best Friends. Next up, I'm finishing up the edits on Leslie and Jesse's wedding and have started posting the photos to the website, but they are the only ones with a password for now. Once I am finished, I will e-mail the location and password to everyone who signed up at the wedding. Next weekend I am doing a photo shoot for my S-Mom and Dad at Carolina Beach. This is a belated Mother and Fathers day gift. I'm very excited! I'm planning on getting some fantastic photos of them on their new Lastly (for now) in August, Chrissy will be doing my Bridal Portraits! YAY!

I think that's it for now. Don't forget to vote HERE, my number is 303.

Thanks for reading!

Liz DiNatale