Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kat & Drew - {Engagement}

A few weekends ago Jess and I met Kat and Drew in downtown Raleigh for a couple hours of laughs, smiles and some competitive fiancè lifting. 

I asked Drew why he looked so happy. He said he simply enjoys lifting things.  

Kat and Drew were referred to SOR by our recent clients, Adrianne and Ricky and are shaping up to be just as fun! When I first meet people for photoshoots I typically give them a small disclaimer about myself. In this case, I asked Kat and Drew if they minded cursing because...well, sometimes I have the mouth of a sailor. They both laughed and Drew's response was something to the effect of "we don't give a damn". I like these guys.   

And they really like each other too. Which showed beautifully in their photoshoot. They are so damn cute together. 

Side note: City Market - One of my favorite places to do photoshoots now. Must return soon. 

I always ask my clients to bring a couple sentimental props with them. Kat and Drew brought a gambit of things including a picnic basket, teddy bear, champagne (!!!) and this adorable photo that Drew had taken the night he proposed. That is just awesome. 

And of course Kat said yes or else I would not be here talking about them right now. I'm not all that surprised she said yes either. I mean...Drew's a great guy and funny to boot, but this ring is gorgeous. 

Yeah, I know, it's not about the ring, it's about love and all that good stuff.

Thanks again Kat and Drew! We had a blast and are looking forward to more great times at your wedding!

-Liz and Jess-