Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday: Breathtaking

Everyone has their own flavor of breathtaking photography. Whether it be portraits, architecture, landscape or wildlife; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in rural upstate NY, I've enjoyed nature. I still have the memory of a clear winter night after a new layer of snow had just fallen and you could no longer see our sledding tracks on my grandparents' hill. I was sitting in my "house", at the base of the hill, that I had carved out of the 4 feet of snow and looking up at the pine trees that grow on my grandparents' hill. At that moment a very big, very bright full moon crept up the sky behind the pine trees. To me it looked like someone had a spotlight behind the trees, I couldn't fathom that it was actually the moon. When the moon finally peeked over the tree tops it scattered its beautifully bright, blue light over the fresh snow. It was so peaceful and so surreal. Just the fact that I can remember that so well and so vividly 16ish years later (holy crap now I feel old) goes to show that my personal flavor of breathtaking would fall in the landscape photography category.

So when Steven suggested going to Colorado for our honeymoon the first thing that popped into my head was a breathtaking mountain view. I've enjoyed my fair share of the Appalachian mountains and the awesome views they bestow but I'd never been fortunate enough to make it to the Rockies. I wanted to see that postcard photo, the quintessential snowy mountain peek reflected in outrageously blue waters. On our 3rd day in Breckenridge we hiked to see the Mohawk Lakes. This was only our 3rd day at 10,000 + ft and our bodies had not quite acclimated yet so reaching these lakes literally took my breath away. 

Finally, after 2 hours of hiking on wobbly legs we made it to the lower Mohawk Lake and there it was, the view I'd been waiting for. 

Ok, so there wasn't any snow on the peaks in the distance but I'll take what I can get!

I'm going to have to go back there soon. 

Thanks for reading! SOR has a photo shoot with a couple friends this weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to share some of those photos soon!

Liz DiNatale