Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb19th Friday Photo Challenge

Well that didn't last long. I failed, and rather early on. I forgot to submit my Photo Friday challenge photo. **kicks self** BUT since you all may enjoy it, I'll post it on here ANYWAYS. Ha! Bet you're happy....maybe....

In any case, this would have been my post for the Photo Friday Challenge of  Nature. When I think of nature I try to remove the human element and imagine what was there before us and what will survive without us. There is nothing more carnal nature than the ocean. It's unforgiving and brutal, yet plentiful and nurturing. Combine that with the sun, the reason life goes on (though I guess that's not entirely true since they found itty bitty organisms in dark caves that never get sunlight...but work with me here) and you've got a picture perfect image of Nature.

So if you haven't guessed what my picture is yet...reread that paragraph...or just look at the pretty picture.

This is the sunrise at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Sometime nearing fall I believe (because it was 6am when I got this and not 5am). It is moments like this, when you are gazing on something this simple, pure and magnificent, that you just feel...tiny.

I'd be concerned my watermark is working on this photo but it's already all over my facebook for the world to steal and enjoy so why bother copy writing it now?

This Friday's challenge is Self Portrait. Yikes, this should be interesting. I swear I'll remember to post on time. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Liz DiNatale

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 12th Photo Friday Contest

As promised I've (Liz) continued this Photo Contest thing. Let's see how long I can keep it going! Feb 12th's photo challenge word was Lightness. I had planned on using a picture of Masi where she was jumping for a ball and edit it to look like she was floating in the air. But when I went home to visit the dogs at lunch yesterday Cleo was warming herself in the sun that was shining through the patio doors and I thought "She's absorbing the lightness!".  I thought it would be a neat picture to play with exposure, highlights and contrast. She is always a willing subject if she doesn't actually have to get up or do anything.

Here's the photo that resulted.

This is one of my favorites of her now. This may be hanging in the house somewhere soon.

I know I promised our engagement photos soon but I've been forgetting to post them. Soon, I promise. Maybe this weekend. I'm afraid after my engagement photos are posted we won't have any more photo shoots to share! Well until my bridal portraits. In other words, if you know of anyone (including yourself of course) who wants some family photos, is getting engaged and needs a wedding photographer, wants to capture some precious moments with their pet or with their spouse, tell them to look us up!

Thanks for reading! We hope you have a great rest of the week and enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bring on the baby photos!

Hi everyone - it's Chrissy. Yes, I do exist; I'm not some figment of Liz's imagination. I thought I'd try my hand at this blog posting thing and give you all a taste of what I've been up to.

As you saw, Liz was able to capture some of the larger (yet tender and beautiful) moments of my pregnancy. Photographing a big belly and hormonal mommy-to-be must have been a challenge for Liz, but she did a great job and it was interesting for me to be on the other side of the lens. I felt rather clueless and in need of direction - thank goodness I was able to rely on Liz to put together the perfect shots. Not only was she able to manage me, a flopping around baby inside, and a scruffy hubby... she tamed the wild beasts and snagged some great family photos. You don't have to wait until the holiday season to capture those tender moments with your family. You and your loved ones are changing daily... growing up, growing as a family, experiencing the world in new ways each day. Contact us today to seal those moments in photographs.

A few weekends ago, we turned the tables and put Liz on the other side of the camera for her engagement photo session. What a fun time! We look forward to sharing some of our favorite shots and hearing your feedback. It helps to have such willing and good-looking subjects (Liz's pups always cooperate!) Oh, and Steven and Liz were great, too. :-D Be on the lookout for a post soon!

Being a Mommy is a whole new and exciting experience for me. Since I've been holed up indoors (due to doctor's recovery instructions AND the lovely weather), I've found myself behind the camera almost daily documenting my daughter's every blink and yawn and poo
-face. (Slight exaggeration...) But I've found beauty in the simplest moments... and those moments make you wonder...

What do babies dream about?

Would they have chosen that outfit if they had a choice?

What are they thinking when they stare at you with those big baby eyes?

And is there anything more beautiful than the innocence of a baby's loving gaze?

Photographing an infant can be a challenge but the results are well worth it! It keeps me on my toes, juggling my lenses, inventing new poses, and capturing beauty in the tiniest of features.

~ Chrissy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo Friday Contest

I (Liz) have decided it would be entertaining and challenging to participate in a weekly photo contest. Just something to challenge my eye and to help me think outside the norm. So after a grueling 30 seconds of googling, I decided on Photo Friday since it seemed the most straight forward and easy to upload. Every Friday they post a new challenge and you have a week to post your submission. This week the challenge was Surfaces.

Surfaces...that's a pretty generic thing. But hey, a varying depth of field can make anything interesting. What? I don't have a prime? Crap. (on a side note, yes I know you don't need a prime to get that effect it's just a lot nicer with a prime). So with my trusty 28-135mm lens I went through the house in search of an interesting surface. After taking photos of several different things at varying angles I happened upon our shiny mantle (that I had just dusted)! This is where I took my contest submission and here is how it turned out.  


I love how the shiny white paint reflects the angel figurine. I'm looking forward to this weeks challenge. Hopefully it won't take me nearly a week to post it!

In other news: Chrissy (my esteemed colleague) braved the cold weather last weekend and took Steven and my engagement photos. They are beautiful! I'm in the process of editing a few of my many favorites to post on the website, on here and to FINALLY send out our save the dates. 

Everyone stay warm!
-Liz DiNatale