Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo Friday: Smartphone Picture

It really is a testament to how far phone cameras have come when the picture I'm using for this challenge doesn't suck. 

I remember the days when not everyone had a phone capable of taking pictures. I remember the commercials promoting those "picture phones". They would produce the most rudimentary, grainy, blurry but to us at the time, amazing photos. Nowadays my cell phone takes better pictures than my first digital camera. 

So the story behind this picture is a tale of a harrowing escape from doom. Also known as, my race against an approaching storm on my bicycle. Every Wednesday (or so) I ride with a group called Ol Mello Velo. We meet up in Apex and usually ride out into Chatham County, Morrisville, etc. The route on this day was directly in the course of an approaching thunderstorm. We all decided collectively and independently that we'd ride as far as we could and turn around when the storm got too close. All seemed fine in the beginning but then the storm picked up pace and all of a sudden it was on top of us. Some of us took a loop home, I turned around and bolted back to my car. That was the fastest pace I've ever held on my own (I might have had a trail wind). I had been at my car with my bike loaded no longer than a minute before the big raindrops started and then the heavens opened up. 

This picture was taken where I turned around. You can see the wall of approaching clouds so clearly. It was very ominous. 

Today on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous. What a rare treat in July. Enjoy today and the weekend! We've got one more month of hot temperatures ahead of us and this weekend will be a nice break!

Liz DiNatale

Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo Friday: After Dark

Welcome back to weekly Photo Fridays!! It's been a while...I was preoccupied with passing the Professional Engineering exam and then passing it again because I didn't pass it the first time (whoops). But now I'm less occupied and getting the photography itch (I hear there's no cure). 

I'll start off easy with a photo I took almost a year ago. The Photo Friday challenge word was "After Dark" which inspired me to do the editing on this photo that you see. This pathway was at the top of the Craggy Gardens hiking trail. The trees are tons and tons of Mountain Laurel (or Rhododendron, I never can tell the difference if they're not blooming). The way the path whines and curves through the Laurel makes for a very ethereal/creepy scene. I imagine when these trees are blooming this path would be much more jovial than sinister. 

It's good to be back. I hope to post these Friday photos regularly now. Thanks for reading!

Liz DiNatale