Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hamiltons

Have you ever had a "heart-dog"? Or cat, bird or any other pet (although I think cats and dogs have an easier time attaching to our souls). They're the dog that melts your soul and becomes your heartbeat so when they pass, your soul aches and your heart slows. The dog you'll think of for the rest of your life and you'll always say "Ah, she was a good dog; the best dog". I'm not Bill but if I had to guess, I'd say Krissy is his heart-dog. 

This dog has more nicknames than I can keep track of. The ones I remember are, Krissy, Krissy-Lou and Lou-Dog. I'm pretty sure there's many more. That's what you get when you're owner is this guy:

Bill got Krissy while he was still in school at NC State and she's been his loyal companion since. She's the only dog I know that jumped from level ground and caught a bird mid flight because it was taunting her. If you get her really happy, she'll grin her pearly whites at you. And when you can't find her in the house, it's because she's curled up in Bill or Mish's laundry basket. 

I'm sad to say that recently she was diagnosed with heart failure. But in true Krissy fashion you'd never guess by her demeanor. She's a little thinner than she used to be (due to the meds) but she still has that sparkle in her eye. 

And she's very lucky to have these guys as dog parents. They've gone to great lengths to keep her with us.

As a birthday present to Bill, I took these (and many more) photos around NC State's campus. While this was my second choice for locations I think it worked out better. It was rather fitting. 

Thank you Bill, Mish and Krissy for being great photo subjects. I hope Krissy has many more joyful months ahead of her. I'm glad I was able to do these photos for Bill and Mish. And I am so thankful for the strong heart of a hound. 

The Hamiltons - May 5, 2013

Liz DiNatale