Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cohen is turning 1!

A long, long time ago in a land far, far away called Carystone. Two couples, who were living in sin, became fast friends over their mutual love of dogs, beer and socialization. Plus the proximity was amazing. Since then we've both sold our first homes and moved into our bigger second homes, we've attended each others weddings and my husband and I got to celebrate the other couples new addition almost 1 year ago! So please join me in a premature, but ever so joyful, Happy Birthday to Cohen! 

We had fun this morning in downtown Apex. It's such a small downtown area but it is packed full of awesome. 

I have a great story behind that basket. Lets just say I rescued it from a bad home and gave it much more purpose in life. 

This...this I love. I love this because Kato is an awesome dog and the biggest (literally) teddy-bear dog I have ever met. I love this because it is a clear example that "bully" breeds like Rotties are super trustworthy. I love this because it looks like Kato is saying "mine, no touchy". 

Thanks again to Nate and Veronica for the chance to photograph your family! It's always a pleasure!

Liz DiNatale