Friday, May 14, 2010

May 7th Photo Friday Challenge: The Coast

This Photo Friday challenge doesn't leave much up to interpretation. The Coast...I wonder what will be involved in these photos? Perhaps a sea? Some sand? Waves and the such? I was thinking of photographing a coasting bike but decided to go with the no-brainer. Is that lazy of me?

Last year sometime in the summer, I can't remember the exact month anymore. We (myself, Steven and our friends) visited the North Carolina coast at Carolina Beach. Lucky for us, there was a hurricane off the coast (note sarcasm). The rip tide was so strong, the lifeguards would not let you out past your knees. That is, unless you had a surfboard or the like. One of the couples we traveled with did indeed have a surfboard! See...

In the midst of the watery oppression, the surfboard meant freedom. I think after I took this photo we proceeded to build the biggest sand castle ever (I might be exaggerating). Complete with a 5 ft pit that Matt (surfboard guy) dug with a random shovel left on the beach (a real shovel). Then we had fun jump kicking the sand castle into the 5 ft pit so that no one would accidentally kill themselves.

On another note! Sorry for my absence last week! I was in Lexington, Kentucky photographing my cousin's beautiful wedding! Tune back in the next couple of days for a sneak peek at some of my favorite shots!

Thanks for reading!
-Liz DiNatale

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