Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo Friday: Shadows

I had a couple ideas in my head for this photo challenge. Neither were truly shadows but what I could consider a play on shadows. A silhouette, that's a shadow, sorta...right?

This past weekend we unearthed the thundering heart of the Rusty Bucket (still need a new name). The hood and fenders came off  and are now resting perilously on the rear-end.  Finally, charged with a 6 volt battery from one neighbor, jumper cables from another, a Patron shooter bottle full of gas in the carburetor "bowl" (I know a lot about this truck, don't I....) and the Subaru's laboring engine, I watched from a distance as cautiously, Steven connected the battery lead. Luckily: no boom. The ancient engine, left for dead 10 years ago, thundered. It was amazing to see the crank pulley spinning freely! Unfortunately, there was no spark to be had. We'll probably need to replace the distributor cap before we can truly bring her back to life.

This latest development has left us with an impressive and rather naked engine sitting in our garage. I thought a very interesting photo would be a silhouette of Steven working away on his big-boy-toy. I loved the idea of symbolizing the years and years that this truck sat forgotten in the shadows of that home's woods. It was left there to rust into the ground, but we're bringing it back out of the shadows, bringing it back to life.

Eventually, when the Rusty Bucket is running, and legal to drive, I'll use it as an epic photography prop. I seriously can't wait. Until then, it still proves useful; I've already used it in my photo friday submissions.

I did run into a problem with this submission though. I couldn't decide which photo I liked better. So here's both. Thanks to my husband for being my model!

  I might still get around to taking the other photo I had in mind for this challenge. If I do, I might just have to post it here. We shall see.

Everyone have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

-Liz DiNatale

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