Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Friday: Spot

I can imagine that for most people this type of challenge word would be difficult. However, for me, there was only one choice. 

You see, we have this lizard. He's a leopard gecko. His name is Spot. Spot is an old, old lizard. Easily 16 years old (I think). And he's still going strong. So when I saw this Photo Friday challenge word, I had no choice but to photograph the lizard. I thought this would be a struggle. As lizards are usually not too keen about being out of their environment. Least of all when surrounded by dogs and a cat. Who would have thought that Spot was one of the best photo subjects I've ever had (as animals go). I swear, he moved less than most dogs. Trained dogs. AND he stared right into the lens! It was only with his patience that I was able to snag this little piece of awesome:

Behold, I give you, Spot! I think I can hear Kate Nothnagel Stone screeching from Trinidad (she's not a fan of lizards). How can you not love that face?! Look at him! He's poised! He's ready! He's going to kick some chess ASS! Aha...I die. Good, Spot.

While I was at it, taking photos of Spot, I figured I'd snap a few new ones of the fury type. And since I'm already here, writing this post, I might as well share them, right? Right. 

Last but not least, the queen of the house:

Now you know why the first thing we bought as a couple was a Dyson (after the house...of course). If only we could teach the dogs how to vacuum.

I hope you all enjoyed my little fur-kid (and lizard-kid?!) photo session. This next week's challenge word is Gold. I'm at a loss, any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

Liz DiNatale

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  1. You sure make Spot seem like part of the family here! But all of the Christmas cards and thank you letters I've ever received, he never is given credit. Just Steven, Liz, Gunnar, Rhea, Masi, and Cleo. What's the deal? Now that he's on his way to fame and glory, you decide to claim him as part of the family? It's like the long lost child or something. Hahah.