Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Beginning

In the beginning there were two: two cameras (a Canon Rebel XT and a Canon Rebel XTi) and two girls (Chrissy Darden and Liz DiNatale). They joined to become Shades of Red Photography. 

Join us in our journey through photography. Watch as we subject our family and friends to hours of photo shoots as we hone our "eye." 

We chose our name after much deliberation. To us, red signifies passion and love, two things that are very dear to both of us. As there can be different levels of love and passion, for instance, the love shared between families and the love shared between a newly engaged couple, there are shades. Therefore, Shades of Red. 

Our first photo shoot as Shades of Red Photography took place on the North Carolina State University Campus at the Court of the Carolinas, in front of Mann Hall, in the Free Expression Tunnel, and at the Listening Ears. 

Our subjects were Kate Nothnagel and Nate McKittrick, two civil engineering graduates from NC State. They met while attending classes in Mann Hall. 

Samples of their photo shoot will be posted soon. We encourage all feedback and hope you enjoy the photos. 

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