Friday, June 18, 2010

June 11th Photo Friday: Heavy

When I first began visualizing this challenge, I pictured something in nature, like a water droplet about to fall off a leaf because its weight had exceeded waters' surface tension properties. Or a big fat ripe tomato pulling the tomato plant down by its weight. Something to that effect. 

However, as the week went on, I noticed that my cat's new favorite place to lay was smooshed in between the free-weights (that are sitting idle) in our living room. I couldn't pass this up. It was too cute. I had an image in my head of her saying, "These weights are too Heavy for me, so I'll just lay next to them". She's a lazy kitty, so this makes sense that she would say that. If she could talk. Also, I think if she could talk she'd probably yell at me for constantly bringing new dogs home that think she's an interesting, interactive, toy. Sorry, Sweety. that I'm looking at the photo and the expression in her face...I think that's exactly what she's saying.What do you think?

I feel like her gaze is scolding me.*shudder* So this is my Photo Friday: Heavy submission. Please don't forget to VOTE. I know I always do! Yep, I forget to vote for myself even. Winning is kind of unlikely I think. 

Chrissy and I have been hard at working processing and editing our recent photo shoot's  photos. I think we'll end up with about 160 photos for them. It has been tough narrowing it down to only a few photos. Those pups were so photogenic. 

We've decided to keep with tradition and showcase a few of our favorites in a "teaser-photo" blog post. With out further ado, I give you Austin:

Ok, join with me...AAAAaaaaAaAAWWWWWW. I nearly stole this puppy. No I don't need a puppy, but...but...oh he was so cute. 

He had a case of the "I wants" he wanted to eat my lens, my ring, my hair...and both of these balls. 

The other pups were impressively patient with him. 

Well...generally speaking I suppose. 

That brings us to the next cute little fuzzball, Andre. I asked the owners if he was named after Andre the Giant, since his personality fit that perfectly. We are told he spends his days perched on the bench at the front of the house keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

We asked Jason and Tina their favorites parts of each dog so we could be sure to focus or at least capture those features. Austin, they didn't have a clear answer, he's just a big ball of cute. Ava, her cute brown nose! Andre, his smile, as they put it. Andre smiles with all his teeth...

I don't mean to play favorites but if I had to pick one, I'd have to say Ava. She was so beautiful. I'm a softy for Dobermans, and especially the lighter ones. Believe it or not, Jason and Tina actually adopted Ava from the shelter. I like this photo that Chrissy took. It really captures her regal personality.

She is a gorgeous example of a dog.

I've always felt that the soul of a dog can be seen through their eyes. Her eyes made me melt. 

These 3 were quite the pack. We loved working with them and with Jason and Tina. We hope to be able to photograph them again. 

Thank you, Jason and Tina for the opportunity to get to know your pups, it was a real pleasure! 

-Liz DiNatale

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