Friday, June 11, 2010

June 4th Photo Friday!

ACK! I haven't posted in 2 weeks...Sorry. Though,  honestly, I have NO idea who I'm apologizing to. Does anyone actually read this? Haha.

Just in case I do have a few followers, I appologize for not posting for the last couple weeks. One week was the Burn Race weekend and the next we escaped to the beach! I had no time to post! Enough excuses though.

June 4ths Photo Friday challenge word was Aqua. Perfect! I went to the beach that weekend. What? I actually had to take a photo of the blue, blue water? Oh, well, never mind. Lucky for me a week or so ago, we took the dogs to the park and I took my camera. I love getting photos of the dogs when they're swimming. They are so happy then. I really think they were meant to be ducks.

Here is my challenge photo for this weeks Photo Friday.

Dog shaking-off-to-dry photos are the best! What's particularly awesome about this photo in my opinion is that Masi is this wet, because she actually swam! Yeah, I know she's been swimming since last year. But it took me 3 years and some very wet shorts to teach her how to swim! and now she does it on her own! without further encouragement! If you knew Masi when we first got her, you'd be as excited about this as I am. Good girl, Masi.

While I didn't submit this for my challenge photo, this is my new favorite photo of Rhea.

It just makes me wanna smoosh her wet face in my arms and kiss her.

On another note. Shades of Red Photography had a photo session this week! We had the pleasure of meeting Ava (Doberman), Andre (Schipperke and Chihuahua mix) and Austin (puppy Weimaraner). I have a fondness for Dobermans, I think they are so regal and beautiful. Ava was such a gentle, patient girl. And Austin...lets just say he was exactly what I needed for my puppy fix. He LOVED the cameras and when I say that, I mean he loved to chew on them. Their people, Jason and Tina were great to work with and they have some of the nicest pups. We should have a few photos ready for a teaser post in the next week, so tune back to see those!

One last note. To all those waiting on Jesse and Leslie's photos. I have about 250 more photos to edit/process until they will be available online. I'm hoping to have them done by the end of the month!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to VOTE for my photo and have a great weekend!

-Liz DiNatale

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