Monday, July 4, 2011

Travis & Nikki - Making it official

This weekend, Chrissy and I had the privilege of taking the official engagement photos for Travis and Nikki. Travis and Nikki have been engaged for about two years but are making it officially official this September in Aruba! I could think of worse places to spend a weekend with friends and family all while getting married. 

We had so much fun being goofy with these guys while capturing some beautiful photos of them. They are such a great couple together that everything just came naturally to them. I loved it best when they were both laughing, you could tell how much fun they have together. 

We visited three very unique places for their photo shoot. Carter Finley, as pictured above, Yates Mill (first picture) and the North Carolina Art Museum. Each location was so different from the other! It made things difficult when trying to pick or favorites for teasers. I know, it's such a crime. 

For the North Carolina Art Museum, Nikki loved the big rings and very much wanted to feature them in her engagement photos. So we obliged. 

And then obliged again. 

I love this photo. I love everything about it. Nikki's laugh, Travis's air, the big rings. The humor, the colors...swoon. 

For each couple we photograph, we ask that they bring along some props that have meaning to them. The ones Nikki and Travis brought were very unique and sweet. I think this prop wins for sentimental value. Thanks to a camera-happy friend they have a photograph of them on their first date. First ever. Who here has a photo of them and their fiance/e/husband/wife on their first date?! Not me. I don't even remember the date of our first date. 

Travis had a funny idea of taking a photo of them holding the above photo in about 10 years. I'm not sure that's a great idea...the universe might implode. 

Needless to say, we had a great time getting to know Travis and Nikki behind the camera lens. They are great photo subjects and great people. We're looking forward to doing Nikki's bridal portraits in the coming weeks. 

I'll leave you with one last photo from Yates Mill. This location has so much to offer, I really enjoyed it. Thank you, Travis and Nikki for spending the morning with us. You were fantastic to work with!

Thanks for reading!

-Liz DiNatale

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