Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Friday: Grandeur

Happy Friday everyone! Today's photo is brought to you by the word "grandeur" which is a fancy word for fancy.

I'm going to use this Photo Friday challenge to use another photo from my Italy adventures. While Venice was definitely the most grandiose city that we visited, this photo actually comes from Verona. Verona is littered with fancy wrote iron. While reviews say that Verona is one of the safest towns in Italy now, it must not have been at one point because every window and every door (within reach of the street) were guarded with wrote iron fences and gates. But they weren't ugly, dismissive things. They were intricate and lovely.

And some looked like letters. Behold, the letter S. 

Isn't that just fancy-shmancy. 

I'm in the midst of writing a ranty type blog post about out Italy travels on my other blog, Awesomely Domesticated. If you'd like to hear more about our trip, click through the hyperlink and enjoy!

We're off to Asheville this weekend! Finally going to try Strada and get some good riding/mountain hiking in! Can't wait...going through serious Asheville withdrawal. 


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