Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ashley Mitchell - Bridals Full Edition

Last Saturday Ashley said those solemn vows and became Mrs. Ashley Mitchell. We all applauded as the new couple walked hand in hand back down the aisle and we spent the rest of the evening celebrating their blessed union. Everything was lovely and I'm very excited to see the photos her photographers produce. I came there as a friend and not a photographer, so as odd as it felt, I left my camera at home. 

We had a great time and stayed until they turned on the lights and ushered us out. And now because their day has come and gone, I can finally, with great pleasure, do a full blog post of Ashley's bridal portraits! I'm friggin giddy. I've wanted to show these off for weeks now!

No more yammering, onto the photos!

The State Club on NC Sate's Centennial Campus has a huge grand ballroom with very shiny marble floors. They complimented Ashley's beautiful white dress wonderfully. 

Remember her teaser post featuring that huge chandelier and a silhouette of Ashley? Here's the other side of that photo series. 

These next few are some of my favorites. 

I love how you can see every delicate fold of her beautiful dress in these. 

This one...this is my favorite. Gotta love the cathedral veil. 

This is a close second. She looks so happy and genuine in this photo. 

Alright, I'll leave it at that. I'd post them all but I think that would be overkill. I had so much fun doing these photos with Ashley and her mom. Thanks again ladies, you were wonderful!

Liz DiNatale

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