Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cubbage Family Photos 2013

A few weekends ago my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting our friends in Lynchburg, VA where a few escaped NC State alums are hiding. I met Laurissa at my first engineering internship at Hazen and Sawyer and we've been friends since. She had already graduated from Environmental Engineering and was a great example for a rising female engineer. There's not a whole lot of us after all! Since I started SOR, I've been capturing her family as it's grown, it's been so much fun. 
That's why I was thrilled when she asked us to visit this year and to bring my camera! This was the first chance to snag some photos of her newest son, Everett, and I couldn't wait. 

We took a drive up the blue ridge parkway for about an hour and found some beautiful colors. I do love fall!

I've never had a baby so corporative! 

I'm excited to watch these boys grow up. 

Laurissa & Doug Cubbage Family 2013! 

Liz DiNatale