Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb19th Friday Photo Challenge

Well that didn't last long. I failed, and rather early on. I forgot to submit my Photo Friday challenge photo. **kicks self** BUT since you all may enjoy it, I'll post it on here ANYWAYS. Ha! Bet you're happy....maybe....

In any case, this would have been my post for the Photo Friday Challenge of  Nature. When I think of nature I try to remove the human element and imagine what was there before us and what will survive without us. There is nothing more carnal nature than the ocean. It's unforgiving and brutal, yet plentiful and nurturing. Combine that with the sun, the reason life goes on (though I guess that's not entirely true since they found itty bitty organisms in dark caves that never get sunlight...but work with me here) and you've got a picture perfect image of Nature.

So if you haven't guessed what my picture is yet...reread that paragraph...or just look at the pretty picture.

This is the sunrise at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Sometime nearing fall I believe (because it was 6am when I got this and not 5am). It is moments like this, when you are gazing on something this simple, pure and magnificent, that you just feel...tiny.

I'd be concerned my watermark is working on this photo but it's already all over my facebook for the world to steal and enjoy so why bother copy writing it now?

This Friday's challenge is Self Portrait. Yikes, this should be interesting. I swear I'll remember to post on time. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Liz DiNatale

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