Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo Friday Contest

I (Liz) have decided it would be entertaining and challenging to participate in a weekly photo contest. Just something to challenge my eye and to help me think outside the norm. So after a grueling 30 seconds of googling, I decided on Photo Friday since it seemed the most straight forward and easy to upload. Every Friday they post a new challenge and you have a week to post your submission. This week the challenge was Surfaces.

Surfaces...that's a pretty generic thing. But hey, a varying depth of field can make anything interesting. What? I don't have a prime? Crap. (on a side note, yes I know you don't need a prime to get that effect it's just a lot nicer with a prime). So with my trusty 28-135mm lens I went through the house in search of an interesting surface. After taking photos of several different things at varying angles I happened upon our shiny mantle (that I had just dusted)! This is where I took my contest submission and here is how it turned out.  


I love how the shiny white paint reflects the angel figurine. I'm looking forward to this weeks challenge. Hopefully it won't take me nearly a week to post it!

In other news: Chrissy (my esteemed colleague) braved the cold weather last weekend and took Steven and my engagement photos. They are beautiful! I'm in the process of editing a few of my many favorites to post on the website, on here and to FINALLY send out our save the dates. 

Everyone stay warm!
-Liz DiNatale

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