Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Beginning of Stiz

As promised I am finally posting our engagement photos. Yes, a little late, but better late than never, right? I'm just going to keep telling myself that... For our engagement photo shoot, Chrissy was all on her own and she did a fantastic job. I'll admit it was rather odd being on the other side of the lens but I tried to just go with the flow and let Chrissy do her thing. It was a great experience and I'm so glad we were able to do it. Now I'm really excited about my bridal portraits.

For the venue for our engagement shots, what better place than NC State campus. While we didn't meet there, we both attended NC State and probably passed each other without even knowing it. The campus symbolized a special time in both our lives and we were very happy to be able to do our photos there.

I had so many favorites (SO many). These are the first good photos taken of us and I just gobbled them up! I'm afraid I can't post all of them but I will show you a few of my favorites. If you would like to view the reaminder, please visit our Couples and Engagements portfolio on our website

To me one of the most unique things about NC State campus is the Free Expression Tunnel. I mean really, how many other universities out there encourage graffiti? I think it's fantastic and always enjoy seeing what is new in there. Unfortunately while we were there it appeared UNC was blueing out the tunnel (one of the drawbacks to allowing graffiti) but we were able to find a small area where there wasn't quite as much blue...

Our photo shoot wouldn't be complete if we didn't have our dogs! It was fantastic to be able to get some great shots of the 5 of us by the bell tower.

I love the sequence we did with the brick wall. 

This is my favorite on the brick wall though. I love the energy of the photo.

I could keep going but I think I'll leave you with just one more. I believe I loaded about 20 photos on the website so feel free to check out more! 

It is fantastic to finally have engagement photos of Steven and I. We've been engaged for about a year and 3 months at this point and still have about 6 more to go. It's been great and I'm looking forward to finally being Mr. and Ms. Stiz.* Thanks again Chrissy for braving the cold and the wind to do our engagement photos!


*Ok, let me explain the Stiz. A lot of the friends we visit often are married and have the same last name so most often we just refer to them as the Smiths, for example. But with Steven and I, who will never have the same last name, they were faced with having to say our first names when referring to us (I know, terrible isn't it). So our friends came up with Stiz (combination of Steven and Liz) as our designated name. In other words, we are the Stiz's not Steven and Liz. I think it's hilarious and I love it and so I have adopted it as my own. 

-Liz DiNatale

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