Friday, March 12, 2010

March 5th Photo Friday

I'm on a roll! But only barely. I think I made the submission deadline by 30 mins last night. Good thing my pups are good sports and will let me take their photo for random reasons, in random locations, at random times. The challenge word for March 5th's Photo Friday was "Cleanliness." How exactly do you take a photo of cleanliness? I thought a photo of the cat cleaning herself would work great, but that didn't pan out (apparently she likes to mainly clean her butt...........) and then I had this awesome photo in my mind of a very soaked Rhea, like when we give her a bath. However we didn't bathe the pups in the week of the what is a girl to do?! I can tell you! Coax your loyal subject upstairs (sometimes cookies help) and force them to enter the Shower of Doom and sit there patiently. You will automatically be greeted by a very sad and forlorn face, which was perfect for the picture I was going for.

The end result was a slightly damp Rhea (from the rain) with a sad, and confused (maybe bored) look on her face, laying in the Shower of Doom. I call it "I loath the Cleanliness." She's such a good sport. If you like my submission go to Photo Friday and vote for me! My submission is titled SOR_Clean. Ok enough yammering, I give you my submission!

Thanks for reading!

-Liz DiNatale

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