Friday, March 19, 2010

March 12th's Photo Friday Challenge: Nightlife

I went into this challenge thinking, "Sweet, nightlife, I can photograph nightlife," yeah...maybe if I had one. My nightlife (especially on the weekdays) consists of walking or running the dogs, eating in front of the TV, working on the house or wedding stuff and generally lounging. All of this isn't so bad really, but doesn't make for incredibly exciting photos. Then I thought on it some more, let's face it...I live in Suburbia. Cary, North Carolina is a great, quiet, safe place to live and I love it, but it doesn't lend well to a nightlife (I guess we have our local watering holes but still...this isn't a big city type of atmosphere). But who says that a nightlife can't be tranquil and picturesque. Well I say it can be! and with that, here is my submission...

This is a photo from my front door. This is the nightlife of Cary. Calm streets with street lights, beautifully manicured lawns (my neighbors, not mine) and an abundance of landscaping lights (yeah I don't know what's up with them either). Not much going on, but that's perfectly fine with me. I can still cause mayhem if I want to...just means it's easier to get caught.

This Friday's challenge word is children. I think I have a few (a LOT) of options for that one! I'm trying to talk Chrissy into submitting one too...maybe some encouragement from our audience will do it?

Thanks for reading! Tune back next week for another Photo Friday!

-Liz DiNatale

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