Friday, April 23, 2010

April 16th Photo Friday: Wheels

I just counted, I have around 34 wheels at my disposal to take photos of at my house. That's a lot of wheels. So with such ample opportunity to take photos of wheels, the real challenge for this Photo Friday was to make the photo interesting. So I decided to play with lighting. Unfortunately I have no lighting equipment but I do have a couple very powerful bike lights.

So again, on the 11th hour, I pull out my dusty camera (yes dusty, I haven't had any photo shoots in a while! I'm going to be rusty for my cousins wedding) the dirty single speed and the pristine Seca 700 bike light. It was really neat to play with the lighting. To see the different emotions I could get out of an inanimate object just with shadows and light. I'm totally an amateur at shadows and light but it was fun to experiment. Might have to play with this some more!

After a bunch of photos I had several options and finally decided on this.

It kinda feels like it's coming at you doesn't it. This is the rear wheel on my fiance's Selma Single Speed. She was a good model, I may have to work with her again.

This week's challenge work is Sunshine...and it's supposed to rain this weekend. Come on! Maybe the sun will peak through the clouds and give me an awesome sunbeam photo. One can only hope. Check back next week to see what I can come up with!

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