Friday, April 2, 2010

March 26th Photo Friday Challenge: Pleasure

Pop quiz, what is the first thing you think of when you think of photography + too. I couldn't photograph that...I don't think blogger would let me post it. I am at a loss for this challenge word. I had the image of what I felt the perfect portrait of pleasure to be...and it was stuck in my minds eye, not letting any other creative vision take seed.

So in an effort to not fail and to actually post something, I dug into my photography stash. Something in there must portray pleasure. I found the perfect photo!

It's carnal, it's seductive, it has a feeling of impending pleasure, its....crap that's not my photography. This would be a photo that Chrissy took for Steven and I for our engagement photos. I'm pretty sure submitting this photo as my own work goes against my moral code. Well crap, but hey, there's got to be something else.

And there was. In 2009 Chrissy and I had the pleasure (hey, key word!) of meeting Toya and Jerry, soon to be Owino. We were recommended to them through a friend of a friend and were able to take their engagement photos as well as their wedding photography. These two were so intimate, it was obvious they were deeply in love. Typically when we photograph couples, we have to ask them to kiss, we had to ask these guys to stop!

I took this photo on their engagement photo shoot. This was in the courtyard of the Raleigh courthouse. I love how it appears as if I'm sneaking in on them to capture this intimate moment. It amazes me that this was nearly a year ago. In May they'll be celebrating their one year anniversary! Toya and Jerry Owino...good people.

Enough of my rambling, here's the photo I submitted.

If you liked this photo (or even if you didn't) please vote for me! Go to Photo Friday: Pleasure my submission is titled SOR_Pleasure, it is number 271.

As always, thanks for reading!

-Liz DiNatale

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