Friday, April 16, 2010

April 9th Photo Friday: Overcast

Yeah...I've got nothing. In the week for this submission, it wasn't rainy or an appropriate cloudiness. Go figure. We've had a very wet and icky fall, winter and early spring and now the skies dry up? Thanks. I think nature has a vendetta against our grass seed and my garden. This is what I think of your vendetta nature!!

Oh yes, I did it, I made Gunnar stick his tongue out at you! He's so supportive of my rants.

So...since I don't have a photo to submit I skipped this submission (yes on purpose, no I didn't forget...really). I figured I'd bore everyone with photos of the "kids". Nope, not even recent photos! I'm so cruel.

Cleo says she's bored of this and is going to go back to sleeping...

Wake me if there's a bug I need to chase, k thanx.

On a side note, completely unrelated, this spring we've been surrounded by carpenter bees. Those big fat scary sounding bees that are about as harmless as flies? These guys. They love our house and fence, it's apparently very tasty. Lucky we don't have wood siding, only wood fascia boards and a wood fence. But I digress. Masi...


loves to chase bugs (we think she used to be a cat...she cleans herself too). There was one summer a couple years back when Bond Park was swarming with June Bugs and oh boy did she go nuts! It was hilarious. She'd run around chomping at all of them. Occasionally, catching one and then freaking out b/c they wouldn't stop buzzing in her mouth. I think that day we played "smack the June Bug" with the chuck-it. Which got old, so we left early. Wow, that was a tangent. 

Back to the point, the carpenter bees. Well, they're  about the same size as a June Bug and make about the same amount of noise. To Masi, they're ripe for the killing. Whenever we're outside she'll start running and leaping at, from what we can tell, nothing at all. Until we hear bbbzzzZZZZZzzzz as the bee flies by us. I'm so very curious to see what will happen if she ever catches one, and I really hope I have my camera. Rhea would like to see this too. She's already laughing so hard, her tongue won't stay in her mouth! And her ears have gone cockeyed! 

I'm just hot...and you're weird.

On a more tragic note. A friend of our family's has recently left us. You'll be missed Alex. You were one of the many adopted children of our family, and there is a tangible void now that you're gone. I'll remember how you saved me from certain boredom at Carolina Beach and the flowers for my graduation. I don't have any fitting photo of you to share to end this post so I'll share a photo of Carolina Beach. R.I.P. Alex. 

-Liz DiNatale

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