Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Friday: Trees

I have a certain fondness for trees. I think I started climbing trees before even turned 5. I have the dislocated shoulder story to prove it. My appreciation of trees took root (haha, no pun intended...or was it?) in upstate NY at my grandparent's house. They live on 40 acres in NY and the majority of those 40 acres is untamed woods. They have these ancient maples trees on their property that scale hundreds of feet. They are easily 4 ft in diameter (or more). The ones closest to their house (which has been cut down since I left) was my favorite...mostly because it had a low enough branch for me to climb on.

Notice how the trees tower over my grandparent's house and barn.

With my fondness for trees and their ethereal splendor, I was excited about this challenge. The very first photo that popped into my head was one I had taken a couple weeks ago at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Co. It was such a gnarly tree. It stood there mostly by itself, no other trees managed to grow around it. I thought that was rather poetic.

With a little spiffing up with photoshop (I'm beginning to like that too much, I think), here for your viewing enjoyment is my submission to this Photo Friday challenge.

As always, please don't forget to go VOTE!!!!! Does anyone ever vote? I usually forget to myself. 

Tune back soon for photo teasers from the Nansteel's photoshoot! 

Thanks for reading!
Liz DiNatale

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