Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo Friday: Eat

It is such a gorgeous Friday right now. If you haven't been outside yet, I suggest you go now. Go on, I'll wait. **twiddles thumbs** **checks Pinterest** See?! Nice, isn't it. If only it were sticking around for the weekend. It would have been a great chance to finally go for a picnic. Oh well...North Carolina weather is a fickle thing.

The Photo Friday challenge word for this week was "Eat" and I have the perfect photo. You see, a couple of weeks ago we celebrated our dogs 6th birthday (Rhea and Gunnar's in January and Masi's in February) by baking them a birthday "cake". Which was really just a loaf made from carrots, flower, egg and peanut butter. The look on their faces when they realized the loafs were for them was priceless. Gunnar picked every tiny carrot piece out before gobbling the whole thing. Masi tried to eat hers in one gulp but before she did, I managed to snap this photo:

Maybe she thought the camera wanted to eat her birthday loaf and that's why she gulped it soon after this photo. 

Yes, we spoil our dogs. I'm OK with that. They work for what they get. They keep the neighborhood murder of crows in line and I swear, one of these days Masi will catch a squirrel  and we'll have squirrel stew.   

I hope you all get out of work early today and enjoy your Friday before the rain and cold(er) air gets here. Thanks for reading!

Liz DiNatale

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