Friday, February 3, 2012

Anne and Allan in Raleigh

Two weeks ago Chrissy and I had the pleasure of witnessing and capturing the momentous occasion of Anne and Allan becoming the Paul's. These guys have been together since high school, meeting over a shared interest of swimming, and have grown up together to be two awesome people. Since we've been working with them I've really enjoyed getting to know Anne. She's the most organized, easy going a and thoughtful bride I've had the pleasure of working with. Then on the other side, Allan is the funnest, most quippy (is that a word?), easy going groom I've worked with! I really couldn't ask for a better pair. To top it all off... the guys were wearing KILTS! Epic. 

And they were all so fun about it. Sometime into the reception I dragged them all outside to get some funny groomsmen-only photos in the street. Everything was going well and then the wind started blowing. I've never seen the expressions on the faces of 5 men change so drastically so quickly. 

Anne and Allan were serenaded by bagpipes as they made their way to the pulpit at their church. Anne's dress was absolutely beautiful and everyone looked so nice. Even the bagpiper brought his fancy pipes. 

Oh also, Anne had some killer red heels peeking out from her chapel train dress.

It was a lovely ceremony that I enjoyed from my vantage point at the rear of the sanctuary. 

After the ceremony we all headed straight to 230 Stockroom in downtown Raleigh, NC. Anne and Allan shared a sweet first dance. 

Followed by a game where everyone who was married went to the dance floor and years of marriage were called out (as in "everyone who's been married less than 10 years, sit down"). I've seen those games before and usually the dance floor clears out after about 10 years. But in this case, there were several couples going strong well into the 40 year cut! Apparently this family has staying power. 

I'm so glad to have met Anne and Allan. I think I might have to keep them. 

Thank you to the newly wedded Paul's for letting us capture your incredibly evening! 

Such a cute couple. 

As always, thanks for reading!

Liz DiNatale

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