Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Friday: Husband and Asheville: 5D style

Ha! I never thought that getting married would help me with a blog post. I knew I did it for a reason!! 

Welcome back to Photo Friday! Where I attempt to remember to post a photo by the contest deadline and forget to just about every week. Today is no exception. Now, if I had been on my toes and remembered to post a photo in time, this is the one I would have submitted. 

Now, this might not seem to be a very flattering photo of my beloved but it does illustrate one of the reasons I love him: He's a goof. Which expertly compliments the fact that I'm a goof. This was taken on a bitterly cold day in Asheville as we were on our way to a park for some doggy exercise. We didn't last long; the wind was hallowing and pelting us with snow/ice. 

Another reason I love this photo was taken with my new toy! My new (to me) Canon 5D. Oooooh I'm in love (with the camera...and my husband...of course). I never knew what I was missing with my cropped frame Rebel camera. Don't get me wrong, it was a powerful camera and exactly the right camera to have when starting out. It would have been ridiculous to drop the money for a full frame at that point. I'll always cherish my little Rebel. Not only because it got me started in this fantastic hobby/profession but it was also one of the awesomest gifts Steven ever gave me...besides my engagement ring. 

But back to ooing and aahing. 

I must have looked like a tourist as we walked our dogs around my new favorite Asheville neighborhood (Sunset Mountain is amazing). I was snapping pictures of just about everything just to see what I could do! For instance:

I've never seen tiny pine cones look so cute. I could never get this DOF with my Rebel. Le-swoon. For the most part I did restrain myself from taking photos of every house we saw. They were all amazing but I didn't want to end up with a bunch of photos of random houses that, once back in Cary and on my computer, would have 0 meaning. I couldn't' resist this though:

I have no idea who the Edwinn family is but their house was cool and their little concrete sign on their little rock wall was cooler. Oh that's the other thing, this neighborhood was covered in English Ivy. It's like they all got together and decided to plant one plant and it's gone wild since then! What really wowed me about this neighborhood were the views! This mountain is perfectly positioned to the north east of Asheville. The neighborhood is built on the west slope of the mountain and most of the houses face west. Therefore, the houses have a pristine view of downtown Asheville with the mountain range framing it in the background. So you're within walking distance of downtown yet far enough way to get a gorgeous mountain view and to feel secluded. Yes, please. 

I am looking forward to spending another week in Asheville in March. I'll be attending the 2nd level of Dave Rosgen's Stream Restoration classes. Thanks, SEPI Engineering & Construction! 

In the mean time, I'm going to go play with my camera! Hope you all have a great Friday and thanks for reading!!

Liz DiNatale

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