Thursday, May 24, 2012

Celebrating Sydnee

I had a nice walk around JC Arboretum in Raleigh this past Sunday with Sydnee and her parents. Little Miss Sydnee has just turned 1! She was so interested in everything in the arboretum. We'd set her down and immediately she'd start playing with the grass or perhaps a leaf within her reach. Her mind was going a mile a minute. 

As a method of catching her attention I had bought her a Fourth of July pinwheel. What kid doesn't love a pinwheel? I love pinwheels.... Anywho, this is what happens when you dangle a pinwheel in front of a 1 year old. 

  I believe you can translate this look to "Want!" 

I'm ashamed that I've never been to the arboretum before this photoshoot. It was always right down the road from me while I was attending State and I never stopped in. I'm glad I finally went at least. It was quite the garden. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be jealous over other peoples' green thumbs. Oh and I need to grow an artichoke plant now. That thing was epic. 

Back to the topic at hand though. It was nice meeting Sydnee and her parents and capturing this moment for them. Happy Birthday Sydnee! 

I call this one "The Squish". hahaha

Thanks for reading!!

Liz DiNatale

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