Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Busy at Yates Mill Pond!

Talk about a busy, busy weekend! After returning from a week on the road I promptly attended a wedding rehearsal on Friday followed by the actual wedding on Saturday followed by 2 photo shoots at Yates Mill Pond on Sunday! 

Phew, I need a vacation. Good thing I'm going on one next week! *insert evil laugh*

Out of the 3 sets of photos I gathered last weekend I've hammered through one, the Leckie family! The Leckie family is a recent transplant from Winston Salem to Knightdale and contacted me for a family photo shoot. I was glad to be able to sneak them in before my big trip next week. It was great chatting with Kim, Jeff and their kids as we walked around Yates Mill Pond Park. Their son, Brice was super interested in all the things around him except for me and my camera! This is him screaming, "Let. Me. Go. Explore!"

I'm a sneaky one with the camera though and managed to nab a few without him noticing. 

In contrast his sister was all about the camera and was willing to help me out as much as she could. I eventually noticed the occasional reminder from Kim about a "special treat" if she behaved for the photos. Bribery, it works so well. 

I picked up on the idea after a little while of struggling to keep Brice's attention and asked for a toy or something to catch his eye. I was handed a bag of gummies and they worked like a charm! Look at that eye contact!

Haha, I (the gummies) win. 

The Leckie family was so great and I really enjoyed their photo shoot. They listened to my yammering like champs and never questioned the occasional "odd" photo!

Thanks for letting me get to know you behind the lens!

On an unrelated note, CONGRATS to Kate and Robert Stone for welcoming their daughter, Elin, into the world! It's been quite the year for them already and I believe they have a great future to look forward to!

Thanks for reading, the other two groups of photos are to come!

Liz DiNatale

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