Friday, December 6, 2013

Anne, Bob & the Pups

I love it when I get to take people's photos year after year. I get to see how they've changed, how their kids have grown or in this case,  how their dogs have grown! Last year about this time I met Anne, Bob, Storm and Hawk for the first time. We chatted about their recent relocation from Hawaii and about their pups because I was flabbergasted by these guys. Storm was a full grown long haired German Shepherd at 140 pounds and Hawk a mere puppy at 90 lbs. 

Well...Hawk grew up...

He's on the left. Big love bugs. 

So with Storm getting older, Hawk has grown a little protective over who pets him; he doesn't seem to like it when strangers do. I thought it was so sweet when he didn't mind me petting Storm. I think he remembers me! 

For this years photoshoot we visited the Duke Gardens. It was such a nice day that Sunday that the rest of Durham was there as well. Everyplace we stopped to take photos we either had to wait for someone to leave or someone moved in right after us. At one point we were being trailed by a bride and her entourage.

It was so great to see Anne, Bob and the pups again. Gotta love great people with great dogs!

 Thanks for another great photoshoot Anne and Bob! Happy Holidays!

Liz DiNatale

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