Monday, December 2, 2013

Drew and Kathleen - {Wedded Bliss}

It all starts with a ring and a promise 

Jess and I were thrilled to witness the recent union of two great people, Kathleen and Drew. We've enjoyed getting to know these two as they took the steps into a life together. They were fantastic at their engagement session and equally awesome for their wedding; I've never met a pair so calm and collected. 

Kathleen was the epitome of classic Hollywood elegance in her daringly tall heels and her classic dress. 

I loved the simple beauty about her outfit. 

And I have to say, out of all the weddings I've been to or had the pleasure of working, this wedding party and family were the easiest to organize and most cooperative! They were also very tough. It was not warm by this lake. 

Kathleen and Drew, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to capture your beautiful wedding. We had a great time with you all and I hope to work with you again!

Daww this picture melts my heart! 

Liz DiNatale

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