Monday, December 9, 2013

Family Photos - Webb 2013

Just when it started getting really cold it seems everyone wanted to go ahead and get their family photos in. Luckily, I can bundle up but lord I feel bad for my subject sometimes. On a brisk Saturday morning, I met my day job boss at one of my favorite photo locations, Yates Mill Pond. It turns out that on that particular Saturday it was about 12 other photographers' favorite photo location too! 

I had to make these two cuties sit and wait while another group got out of their shot behind them. Luckily, they were rather accommodating. It may have helped that their reward was Smarties. 

It was nice to give my boss orders for a morning. I might have enjoyed that a little too much. 

All for the sake of photography of course!

I think it's really cute when a family has two kids and one obviously takes after one parent and the other obviously takes after the other parent. 

What a great, fun family! 

Thanks to the Webb family for spending the morning with me! 

On a side note in the  Bourne movies the character, Jason Bourne's real name is David Webb. My boss is Jason Bourne. HA!

Liz DiNatale

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